We are looking for an enthusiastic Event Coordinator to assist in the organization and promotion of our sporting events, from conception through to completion. You will oversee all aspects of event planning and management; after discussing the scope and budget with ABAL Sports, you will organize all the details, including booking the venue, planning food service, entertainment, decorations, sponsorships, and staffing for the day of the event. We expect you to supervise each phase of the plan during the event to ensure it runs smoothly and to close out all vendor invoices once the event is over. In addition, you will have the responsibility of managing and ensuring the success of our events within the goals and objectives.

Job Type: Part-Time
Salary: $15.00/hour


- Discuss the budget and expectations with management and staff
- Research venues and vendors that fit the occasion within budget
- Oversee the partnerships and sponsorships of each event
- Schedule staff and set up/clean up crews for the day of the event
- Oversee each phase of the event to ensure it runs smoothly
- Process all invoices to make sure vendors are paid promptly
- Communicate with clients in a professional manner and take detailed minutes during client meetings (via conference call.)
- Perform event registration maintenance including responding to attendee’s questions, making registration changes, creating discount codes, and providing updates to team members and clients

Skills and Qualifications:

1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Event Coordinators are required to network with a wide variety of entities in the course of their job. Vendors and venues must be established, and an entire staff must be managed in order for an event to function properly. An Event Coordinator will need to have a general knowledge of what guests expect.

2. Team Management: Event Coordinators carry out many tasks on their own, but a major aspect of the job is working with a team. Delegating to a team properly and making sure everyone has what they need to do their job requires team management and leadership skills.

3. Budgeting: Every event comes with a cost, and it's the Event Coordinator's job to keep those costs within the allocated budget. This will require a degree of financial skill as well as the ability to create accurate reports.

4. Logistics: Everything in an event, from the seating to the entertainment, must be set up in a practical and useful manner for the guests. To accomplish this, the Event Coordinator must possess a degree of skill in logistics to properly plan the details and anticipate potential problems that may arise.


- BS in marketing, hospitality management, or related field
- 1-2 years experience as an event planner or organizer
- Proven track record of organizing successful events
- Excellent time management and communication skills
- Sales skills and ability to build productive business relationships
- Ability to manage multiple projects independently
- Proven working experience in social media marketing
- MS Office proficiency
- Experience working in a sports field is a plus
- Currently a resident in New York
- Own a laptop


COVID-19 Precautions:

- Remote interview process
- Social distancing guidelines in place
- Virtual meetings